Lyrics by Sarah Jacob

Verse 1

Sitting here

In the calm

I found in the chaos

Inside your arms

We’re sipping the time

From this glass

It’s quite a rare vintage

Let’s make the bottle last

Chorus 1

Every time I close my eyes

I have a little dream inside

Every time I rest my head

I realize I am blessed.

Verse 2

Let’s go out

On a walk

Let’s use sign language

We don’t need to talk

Let’s make love

Under the stars

It’ll be too awkward

When we move to Mars.

Chorus 2

Every time I

Cast my eyes

Upon the vastness

Of the sky

That’s when I


That I am one of

7 billion human eyes.


Don’t question anything

About this

Everything is alright

I know I over analyze

I apologize

And anyway

It’s a super moon tonight.

Verse 3

Sitting here

Face to face

There is no better time

For us to taste

No better time

For us to taste.