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by Sarah Jacob. Arranged and produced by Eric King (Paper Trees). Main Vocals Sarah. Background vocals and guitar Darrell Arnold.



At The Mercy

is co-written by Sarah Jacob and Darrell Arnold. Piano by Sarah. String composition and arrangement by Eric King (Paper Trees). Recorded, produced and engineered by Eric King (Paper Trees).


On the last Thursday of every month at the Luna Star Cafe!

Where: Luna Star Cafe 775 NE 125 St, North Miami FL

Time: 8.30pm

Cash Bar Only!

“I am so lucky to work with two fine musical artists.
They breathe life into my songs.”

Sarah Jacob Trio is made up of Sarah Jacob (songwriter/vocals/piano), Darrell Arnold (guitars/bass/vocals) and Fred Napolitano (saxophone/flute player). They have been playing together regularly at the Luna Star Café for two years.

Sarah Jacob  |  Darrell Arnold  |  Fred Napolitano

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