Lyrics by Sarah Jacob

Verse 1
I refuse to get lost in the grey
The anesthesia is the masquerade
And I vow to keep my thoughts free
I’m bird in the sky, a fish in the sea

In the office sometimes I lose hope

Always pushing the envelope

The creative spark needs some fire

to fuel the flame

So we can transcend

While the world looks the same.

Chorus 1

I’m reclaiming some old wisdom
That goes against the system
Happiness takes persistence
It ain’t on the path of least resistance.

Verse 1

I keep in mind the remains of the day

When all old values crumble away

It’s always been subversive

To be true

And it ain’t easy so tell me

What you gonna do?

Chorus 2

Oh this crime against my sanity

Seeks its next mortality

Loving takes persistence

And every obstacle

Is resistance.

Verse 3

So I vow to keep my thoughts free

I’m all birds in the sky, all fishes in the sea