Lyrics by Sarah Jacob

Verse 1

Venus and Jupiter

Shining side by side

When I’m next to you

It feels so right


Like we were written in the stars

Like we were meant to be

Two celestial beings

Just walking down the street.


Chorus 1

I am so happy

I could die

My love would nourish the soil

Cos baby

This love is fertile.


Verse 2

Jupiter he was the sky god

Venus she loved the earth

The similarity’s uncanny

For what it’s worth.


You and I we are mere mortals

We’re just learning as we go

And what ever happens

We made love you know.


Chorus 2

What will be will be.

The art of synchronicity

I know that’s not your style

But baby

This love is fertile.



All the things you love in me

You also despise

My animal nature

My x-ray eyes

All those things I love in you

Can make me feel so cold

When you hide your fragile heart

Behind your fragile ego.


Oh in the resonance

We sew the seeds of dissonance

The yin and yang of existence

Is what makes this fertile

You know

This love is fertile




Chorus 1 repeat and end.